Local First, Best Always!

About Us

I must say I am the luckiest person in the world. I get to do my favourite thing everyday. I come up with cool ways to stuff yummy Ontario produce into jars!

I let my mind wander to old fashioned ideas and dress them up...take strawberries in toasted cracked black pepper and balsamic, vinegar.  You can't get more Medieval Italian.

The fun for us, is playing with these ideas and making them part of today's eating. Canning has always been a way of preserving tastes and memories. Topping vanilla bean ice cream with red wine spiced pears in February brings back August….May returns in a rush when a charcuterie plate is brought out with chilli-spiked Twisted Asparagus, Apricot Mostarda Jam and Sweet Vanilla rhubarb.

Try a taste of our 100% natural condiments and bring back the warmth of carefree summer months.

At Bumpercrop we pack Ontario produce at the height of the growing season to allow the true flavours to come through. We enhance them with simple syrups of Ontario vinegars, spirits, herbs, spices and natural sweeteners.  As a matter of course, we use only minimal sugar and salt for honest flavour just like Gramma did.



Friendship and Food

When my Mom, Lisa Taerk, told me she was going to be joining Joanna, in creating Bumpercrop  I was thrilled, because there is no better fit for a lifelong food lover than working with a brilliant chef, like Joanna, learning, cooking and laughing in the kitchen.  For Mom, there is nothing that makes her smile more than being with family and friends, cooking, laughing, and of course, eating. 


Growing up I always know when Mom had been to Joanna’s house because she always came home with a pad of sticky notes with recipes and new delicious things for us to try.  When Joanna starts to make lunch when Mom would yell, “WAIT!”  Then she would run to get her sticky notes, and write down each and everything Joanna says.  These infamous sticky notes are posted all over our kitchen at home.  When friends ask where we got the recipe or how to make one of the delectable things we ate at my house, I tell them to look around because eventually they’ll find what it is they’re looking for on the wall, fridge or cupboards!


Growing up around the kitchen, I’ve come to realize that nothing brings people together as easily and swiftly as food.   Lisa, and Joanna have been friends forever.  I have enjoyed watching them develop their Bumpercrop business.  It is here, in the kitchen, that these remarkable best friends are truly in their element. Having the privilege to work, laugh, and cook with them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I hope you enjoy eating, cooking and sharing Bumpercrop products as much as we enjoyed making them.



Molly Baumer